Lenka and Nina are two young women, connected by:

  • courage, joy, and zeal to create,
  • respect to Milan Rastislav Štefánik,
  • the Milan Rastislav Štefánik museum in his birth house, where they both worked,
  • last, but not least the Košariská-Priepasné Lutheran congregation, whose members invited Pavel Štefánik from Krajné to become their first pastor more than 140 years ago. If it wasn’t for him, the village wouldn’t be connected with general Štefánik up to this day.

While working in the museum, encouraged by the people around, they decided to create a comic book, and thus narrate the extraordinary life story of one of the most significant Slovaks in a new, fresh way.
The whole work took about two years. It was their first experience with this kind of work, therefore they needed to find a common way of cooperation. Lenka divided the whole story into several parts and started to write. Nina’s task was to fit these texts into the pictures. It was everything but easy, as she had to re-create some of the pages as many as three times. She did everything by hand, herself. She cut the script into individual scenes and sketched everything with a pencil. Afterward, she used ink and watercolor to finish all the pictures. She worked incessantly days and nights, even during vacation and weekends.